Muhammad Ammar <br/> NUST Engineering<br/> Score 85/100
Qaisar Kamran <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 63/100
Tahir Saleem <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 66/100
Zahoor Ahmad <br/> GMAT<br/> Score 600/800
Shah Zadi Saima <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 54/100
Muhammad Bilal <br/> LUMS-SSE<br/> Score 82/100
Muhammad Rizwan <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 64/100
Hammad Ahmad <br/> NUST Engineering<br/> Score 87/100
Muhammad Majid <br/> BZU NAT MBA<br/> Score 81/100
Muzzaffar Mehmood <br/> LMAT<br/> Score 640/800
Muhammad Aamir <br/> LMAT<br/> Score 600/800
Umar Abdi <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 54/100
Nabeela Riaz <br/> LUMS-SSE<br/> Score 82/100
Sharjeel Ahmad <br/> BZU NAT BBA<br/> Score 82/100
Kamran Shabir <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 82/100
Sajjad Ahmad <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 74/100
M Sohail Kamran <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 76/100
Muhammad Zubair <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 54/100
M. Mohsin Jameel <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 58/100
Tisman Pasha <br/> BZU NAT MBA<br/> Score 74/100
Muhammad Usman <br/> GMAT<br/> Score 720/800
M. Talha Sultan <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 58/100
GAT for English <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 68/100
Malik Asif Akhter <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 73/100
Zeeshan Mehmood <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 64/100
Shugufta Shaukat <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 61/100
Muhammad Inam ul Hassan <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 80/100
M. Hassan Bucha <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 64/100
Muhammad Salman <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 63/100
Hassan Ahmad <br/> GMAT<br/> Score 720/800
Muhammad Tariq <br/> NTS NAT-IIA<br/> Score 98/100
Sana Imtiaz <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 82/100
Muhammad Asim <br/> IBAT - MBA<br/> Score 82/100
Faisal Kaleem <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 59/100
Saima <br/> GMAT<br/> Score 580/800
Moin Ahamad <br/> BZU NAT BBA<br/> Score 66/100
Muhammad Ajmal <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 72/100
Haseeb Uz Zaman <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 69/100
Azhar Shehzad <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 61/100
Afia Shehzad <br/> NTS GAT General<br/> Score 57/100

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Our course materials are expertly integrated and interwoven into our class lectures for the most clear-cut and strategic prep available. We have a streamlined approach to our course format and are selective about our course materials.

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Every CAT Test Prep course is intensive and rigorous. You will learn a deconstructive approach to confidently approach the exam, and then apply these techniques to practice questions, inside and outside of class. CAT Prep has created unique Test Prep Tools for serious students, designed to unlock their exam potential.

As a CAT Prep student you will have access to a variety of resources that will guide you through your Test preparation. From the time you enroll in any of CAT Prep courses to the moment you finish the official exam, you will have everything you need to maximize your score.

CAT Real Questions

We use official test questions and full-length practice tests throughout our course. Utilizing real test questions makes the difference. When you practice with real test questions, you’ll know exactly what to expect on the actual exam. You will know how each question type is constructed and how to approach each question with the appropriate strategy or technique. Practicing with real test questions during the course enables you to be confident when approaching the real exam on test day; there will be no surprises. Practicing with real questions is the best way to improve your score.

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College of Admission Tests offer effective preparatory courses for professionals (people on job) and students. Highly focused and targeted preparation.

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Fit your Test study around your busy schedule with CAT Online course. Enjoy the advantages of a flexible prep program by studying at your own pace with video lectures from expert instructors.

  • Low cost
  • Audio video explanation of the question is available
  • You can repeat the lectures and any lesson many times
  • Highly targeted contents
  • Targeted and effective strategies
  • Result oriented approaches
  • Time based preparation, No time wastage in travelling

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